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I'm Lane', founder and owner of Something Borrowed Portland - an event design and specialty rental company in Portland, Oregon.  A few things I love are...

~ flea markets ~ kitties ~ tattoos ~ eco-living ~ old stories ~ chai tea lattes ~ random acts of kindness ~ creating ~ road trips ~ fuzzy slippers ~ being goofy ~ Burning Man ~ vintage treasures ~ photography ~ volunteering ~ fall ~

My love for old things is what helps me find just the right pieces for you.  Having been raised in part by my grandparents but also living in rural Alaska, I learned the importance of preserving the past and finding new uses for old things.  As a result, I have hunted, gathered and restored some of my favorite pieces to create the largest, most eclectic inventory in the Portland area, and that's how I can help you.

I began offering my vision and style to you for weddings and events with a hand-picked collection of tabletop decor and props.  That's grown to over 5,000 sq feet of warehouse space filled with pieces full of character, charm and a lifetime of stories.  I have a wonderful team that will help you create a perfect event in which you can tell your own story.

Get To Know Something Borrowed

They say that stories have a way of grabbing hold of you, of folding you up into their sinew.  If you're like me and most people, you collect stories.  Your photographs, your souvenirs... your houses packed full of hte things that make up your life, each article, a story of its own.  You're drawn to old things, like somehow the lives of those who have touched or used or owned them are sewn up into their very fabric.  And because of that legacy, a clock or a chair or book is so much richer and more meaningful, like somehow in the very makeup of these objects, there are stories to be discovered, adventures to be shared.

Something Borrowed Portland is about more than just pretty things.  It's about that legacy.  It's about reaching back into the past and grabbing hold of that rich history, bringing it forward to the present, and through that, giving life and breath to the dreams of the future.


They would LOVE to have you browse their inventory to find JUST what you need to make your event perfect...

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(By Appointment Only!) 6635 N Baltimore Ave #125, Portland, OR 97203

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