Our Item Gallery is Live!!

Yes, you can RESERVE items for your event!

Thank you for being a part of our community!!

With great sadness, we are announcing that the Decor Lending Library will not be reopening our doors!

Due to medical necessity, our founder will be letting go of certain responsibilities in order to take care of her health.

We want you to know this has NOT been an easy decision!!! We have spent considerable time reaching out to community partners in order to keep the DLL alive, hoping someone would take over the vision. However, with much regret, we have to say ‘Goodbye’ … at least for now.

We want to thank YOU – our community – for all the support!! A special note of appreciation to all of you who partnered with us – Botanica Floral DesignCrave DesignDavid EfawLane Jo Richards, and Notes of Celebration and Floral Sunshine. A very unique note of thanks to Vicki Mason Stanton who was the right hand of this venture! Also, a HUGE shoutout to all of you who participated, came to our events, came in to the shop and helped us on our journey to find success.

Please Note: For those of you who have orders in for 2019, watch your email for a detailed email! We don’t have all the details all figured out quite yet, but we are working on it. For those of you with specific questions, please send us a Private Message here on FB and we’ll do our best to get back to everyone in a timely manner. Again, we are sorry to all of you who were hoping to borrow items – we were just getting into our rhythm & getting the word out. We are truly sad to have to walk away from the idea – sometimes life throws a curveball.

We have 100% faith in this idea – If you are interested in starting your own Lending Library, feel free to reach out and we’ll gladly share our model with you (as soon as we are able)!!

Christina & the crew at the DLL


  • Feel free to browse our gallery and even make a wishlist, but please know that you need to COME IN to borrow, we will NOT take reservations over the phone or via email (if you are really far far away, give us a call and we’ll try to work something out!)
  • Yes, we have a reservation system so you can reserve your items as far ahead as you want
  • Same day borrowing is NOT available as many of our items are in a warehouse
  • There is no limit to the number of items you can borrow, but please don’t try to take all we have!
  • The rental is a 5 day rental with pickup on Thurs or Fri and return on Monday (you do not have to be the one to pickup or return, anyone can do so).  If your event is mid-week, typically the pickup is on Mon & return on Thursday.
  • If you decide to borrow, we DO have contracts & you WILL NEED TO put down a deposit
  • We love to see what you created, so please SHARE & tag us on Social Media!!!
  • PLEASE consider donating left over items from your event when you return your borrowed items!


Let us know what questions you have…

Can we really borrow items for FREE?  How does that work?!?

YES!  You really CAN borrow items for FREE!  We know it sounds crazy, but it is for real.  You can come in for ANY type of event, celebration or party…. that can be a wedding, birthday, anniversary, holiday, auction, grand opening, showcase, quinceañera, bar/bat mitzvah, milestone, sweet 16,  … the list goes on and on!!

We do not lend out tables, chairs, linens/tablecloths, tents, or furniture but we can certainly connect you with people who do that!  There are contract and deposits – check out more info on our Borrowing Page – so that we make sure all of our items come back to us in good condition and ready for the next client to borrow for their event!  As long as you bring in back in good condition, your deposits are returned and you got decorations for your event for FREE!!

Check out our About Me page if you want more info about how this idea came about!

Do you have memberships or something that makes this possible?

We do have optional memberships for those who want to help support what we are doing in the community and/or want some extra perks along with borrowing decor.  You don’t need to be a member to borrow deocr, but there are some pretty awesome perks (that we’re pretty sure you don’t want to miss out on!!) so we encourage you to check out our membership and love it when the community supports us!  Become a Member today!


Why do you have contracts & deposits?  I thought it was free?!

We have contracts and deposits so that we can make sure that our items get returned for the next client in good condition for their event – just as you hope the person who borrows the items before you brings them back!!  We will take a deposit on a CC or via Check and if you bring it back on time and in good shape, you’ll get your deposit back in full.  This policy is non-negotiable, so please understand that we will not waive it for any special situations.

Can I donate items left over from my event?

YES!!  Please do, we function on community donations, so we need you to donate items from events you have thrown that you no longer want or need any longer.  We are not super picky, as we can find a purpose for anything you found a use for at your events!

There is NO FEE for donating – something we are asked often!  You can come by during any of our open business hours to drop off decorations.  If you have a large donation and need us to arrange a pickup, please contact us at donations@decorlendinglibrary.com or 971-244-3555.

If you are curious what we will accept or what we are looking for, please take a look at our donations page!

Where are you located?

We are by the Vancouver Mall in Vancouver, WA – just east of the JC Penney/Cinetopia entrance on 94th Av.  5123 NE 94th Av, Suite A – Same complex as Kids Space but drive ALL the way to the back!